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No matter where you are in your financial journey - whether you are a newlywed and feeling broke, in the midst of kids and chaos, sending them to College or getting ready for retirement, I will help you organize your finances and transform your financial picture.

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For businesses and entrepreneurs who need help organizing their finances and generating more cashflow in their business, this is the place for you. Teaching you Profit First so that you can scale.

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Happy clients + endorsements

After feeling like our debt was drowning us, we decided to do something about it. We had started our debt snowball, but were not able to stick with it very consistently. We needed help! Luckily, we found Straight Cents. Kacy has helped us set up our budget, our debt snowball, and given us the confidence to become debt free. Now we look forward to our bi-weekly budget meetings. We can’t wait to see how much money we can send to the credit card companies. No longer do we have anxiety during the week wondering if we will have enough money to last until the next paycheck. We can’t thank Kacy enough for her guidance.

Jason & Rebecca | Ohio
Kacy Smith changed our lives. Before Kacy we had no clue what we were doing with our money. All we knew was money was coming in and money was going out. We never had savings, We spent more than we made. No matter what we were always behind or playing catch up. Working with Kacy was a GOD send. She helped us build a savings and maintain a savings. She taught us how to manage our money and still enjoy eating out or going on date nights. With the help and knowledge we gained from working with Kacy we paid off more than 25,000 in debt in about a year. Something we thought was never possible. Thanks to Kacy we can now focus on building our dream house. Kacy taught us more than just managing our finances. She has helped us develop a better lifestyle.
Jeff and Amanda Rosencrance
In March 2020, just at the beginning of the pandemic, Jose and I got married and I moved across the country. Moving in and of itself was a huge cost, not to mention the travel on top of our now combined debt. My husband and I knew that he brought more than enough home, but somehow we were still living paycheck to paycheck, causing tension to rise. One fateful day, I went to Dave Ramsey's website and got connected to Kacy Smith. THANK GOODNESS we found her! She has helped us define how we spend our money, gave us a tailored plan for getting out of debt and the best part is she is so supportive. She understands life happens and we want to eat more than beans and rice but also pay off debt. We are indebted to Kacy for peace of mind and for our future financial freedom!
Jose and Bethany Mendoza-Fields
My work with Kacy has been invaluable. Until I started working with Kacy, I never had a definite direction financially. I didn't intentionally budget so that I could plan for my near and far future. Kacy helped me to bring that online and make it a normal part of my life. I've paid off over $15,000 in taxes within 3 months through her coaching and mentoring, and always have the funds available to pay the recurring monthly bills on time, every time. She also works with my company through the Profit First program for small business and due to her expertise, experience, and help, our company is doing very well indeed.
Matthew Coddington

We can’t say enough about the excellent coaching we’ve received thus far.  Her genuine concern for our family’s well-being and her thoughtful approach to financial budgeting is what impressed us the most.  The professionalism she brought to our meetings made it so effortless.  The best part about working with her was the personal connection and interactions that made us feel like more than just clients.  With her guidance and coaching, we should be out of debt by May of 2019.

Brad & Leah | California

For years I have had money anxiety until I met and ultimately began addressing my money concerns with Kacy.  Where do I begin?  Kacy was pivotal in my “fears of not having enough.”  Not only did she teach me viable life-long money management skills, but she gave me hope in addressing my “bag lady” mentality that I have had since a small child.  She was able to ask me the hard questions about my beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions of money and how I was raised to manage money.  Her thoughtfulness, respect, knowledge of the emotional side of money management made this experience the “complete package” for my success.  If you want to learn how to budget, save money, and address your beliefs about money, then Kacy is the money coach for you.

Monique Beauchamp
Kacy really takes the time to get to know you and your financial standing. During our Financial Foundation Session, I couldn’t believe just how far off track we had gotten with our finances. She put everything back into prospective, helped get our financial life more organized, and our path forward very clear. We have been able to pay off debt far quicker than we anticipated with a great plan she devised for us. Working with Kacy is like having an expert, coach, and cheerleader all at once.
Mark & Joanie
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